About us

The team

We are Jimmy and Linda, the core team of justF2C. We are physically located in Almere, the Netherlands.

Jimmy is a technical expert and business insider in consumer electronics industry. He obtained PhD in Computer Science and Master degree in Electronic Engineering. Jimmy had worked many years for top companies like IBM*, Lenovo*, ASML*, and ABN Amro*. 

Linda has rich experience in international trading and business administration. Linda finished master degree in Business Management.

We are looking for new colleagues to join our core team.

Mission and core values

justF2C is all about providing Best Value products to our clients. Most of our products are directly from factory to clients. Our definition of Best Value is based on 3 justF2C core values:

  • Low Price
  • High Quality
  • More Sustainable

How we achieve the mission

Linda: The slogan sounds good, but how can a product be both low price and high quality?


Jimmy: Good question. The key point is that high prices we see in market include unnecessary costs and unreasonable profits (brand premium). This diagram shows the big brand business model. Big brand owners design and advertise their products. They hire hundreds of thousands of employees with top salary. But big companies are inefficient. If you worked for such a brand, you will see 30% people do 70% of the real work. Others make PowerPoint, manage people or busy with endless meetings. They tend to do over-designing and over-engineering. For many products, public and mature technical designs are good enough. Quality mostly depends on the material and manufacturing. Also big brands spend huge money on branding. Distributors and retailors also need to take big profits. Finally, clients have to pay for all these costs.

Linda: How does justF2C lower costs and ensure high quality?

Jimmy: This diagram shows justF2C business model. Based on market demands, we specify tech packs and select ODM (original design manufacture) factories. The ODM factories selected by justF2C have ability to manufacture and design based on tech packs provided. Typically, they have been suppliers for well-known brands for many years. They are professional in manufacturing high-quality products. They may also have their own factory brands. Sometimes, they are surprisingly innovative, not in sense of technology as they normally adopt mature techs, but in sense of utility design and appearance design.
There are also risks: (i) To compete with others, an ODM factory may lower quality silently to provide better prices. justF2C is not tolerant of sacrificing quality for price. With strong technical background and expertise in manufacturing process, we offer factories with reasonable prices so they do not have motivation to lower quality. Once we find any factory plays tricks, we stop cooperation with the factory immediately. (ii) Also some ODM factories strive to become the next big brand. They raise their prices for more brand premium. When their prices go beyond the Best Value scope, justF2C replaces them with more competitive factories.

By outsourcing design to ODM factories, we keep our team small. We can just focus on the gatekeeper role to select and validate Best Value products for our clients. We save unnecessary costs for our clients. 

Linda: Do you mean justF2C model to replace the big-brand model?

Jimmy: No. Big brands have their weakness in providing best value products, but they are still the pioneers to break technology limits and lead the industry to the next level. justF2C provides an reliable alternative to clients who prefer best value products. This is a heathy competition to enforce big brands to improve their efficiency. We argue that high prices should be grounded on solid technology and quality advances, not just the brand name. If big brands meet our best value criteria, we include them in our selling products.

Linda: What can we do with "more sustainable"?

Jimmy: Last but not least, justF2C treats sustainability seriously. We select products made from eco-friendly material. For example, we prefer cable jackets made of TPE or Nylon braided to PVC. PVC contains plasticizers and heavy metals. We try to avoid plating if possible as plating consumes lot of energy and leads to heavy pollution. We recommend wireless devices more than wired. We adopt recyclable packaging boxes and bags. We digitalize to avoid unnecessary paper printing.

Linda: Could you summarize what we are doing?

Jimmy: my pleasure, best value products are those at the optimal balance between 'low price', 'high quality' and 'sustainable'. Based on our expertise in the business, we find Best Value products for our clients and the environment we are living. 

*Disclaimer: justF2C has nothing to do with these organizations and companies. All comments in this article are not related to these organizations and companies.  

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